sredaProtection of the Environment

We are responsible towards the environment; we value, respect and protect the nature.

Decreasing the negative impact on environment is a priority when executing our company’s activities. Our main principles in terms of environment protection are the modernization of production and investment in modern technologies. In our activities we focus on optimizing water and energy consumption, on purification of waste waters used in production, on recycling and repeated use of production sub products and on waste management. We were the first Bulgarian company to integrate a unique high end technology – anaerobic reactor that guarantees the purification of waste waters of the factory in Haskovo. It is part of the long-term investments of the company that aim for zero waste resulting from our production process.

All of the above and many other initiatives, aiming to optimize the production process and support the transition to a more energy efficient and ecologically clean production, are set in the company’s global 2020 Sustainability strategy. It sets our ambitious plan to dispose of 0 kgs of waste to the public landfills by 2020. We believe that corporate responsibility is the smart way to do business. It is an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with our employees, with the societies where we develop our business, and to take into account the environment resources which we use. We are devoted to the idea of shrinking our positive beer print and reducing our negative one.

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