“We are successful when our beer is consumed the proper way”. This is why we produce quality products that we advertise and sell responsibly”.

Responsible trade communication
We realize the responsible trade communication and responsible consumption policy through an internal responsible trade communication Code. The teams of our partner organizations go through special introduction trainings covering the requirements of the Code. In parallel our colleagues from the Legal Department execute constant control and ensure the compliance with the Code within all marketing and trade activities and communications.

Responsible consumption
We encourage the responsible consumption of our products only after the person is legally allowed to drink. When we work, during the participation in company events and in any other way, our behavior represents the company and its values that entirely exclude the use of alcohol by minors and all other types of irresponsible behavior such as drunk driving.

„Alcohol is a bad driver”
We’ve began organizing The national communication campaign “Alcohol is a bad driver” in 2008 and we focused it on the one of the most important social problems of thecommunity, related to road safety – the responsible use of alcohol by drivers and their responsible behavior on the road. The campaign is a logical continuation of the European Road Safety Charter signed by Kamenitza in 2007. Our brewery is the first and the last one in Bulgaria to accept and integrate the principles of the documents in its Internal Corporate Policy. Since the beginning of 2012 the message of the “Alcohol is a bad driver” Campaign is written on the Non-alcoholic Kamenitza beer can. Company’s values correspond to the Global Policy of Molson Coors Brewing Company of which Kamenitza AD is a part of.

Since it has been created the “Alcohol is a bad driver” Campaign has won numerous prizes. In 2008 it has been announced as the best road safety campaign by the then acting Commissioner for Transport of the EU. In 2013 the Campaign won the first place in the “Sustainable Development Campaign” category during the competition organized by the Association of the PR Agencies – BAPRA Bright Awards 2013, and in 2012 – first place during the “Annual Road Safety Awards”, for an initiative organized by a company. The Campaign also received a silver medal during Bulgarian Business Leaders” annual awards for responsible business in “Investor in Community” category. During the SABRE Awards the Campaign has been announced to be one of the top 5 campaigns in its category for the European, Middle East and African Regions.
In 2013 the “Alcohol is a bad driver” Campaign won the first place in the “Socially significant campaign of the year” category of the Stivie International Business Awards.

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