rabotodatelResponsible employer

We work to attract, develop and retain true talents.

Being a responsible employer, we follow a policy of social responsibility towards our employees, we constantly seek to improve working conditions and organize trainings for the members of our teams in order to support the development of talented people and their professional growth.


It is very important for us to make it possible for our employees to go home healthy, content and happy every day. This is why healthy and safe working conditions are a priority in our business.

We develop talents

We are aware that if we want to achieve our goals we need people who dream and work hard. Attracting, developing and retaining such people is the key to our success. We listen to our employees because we know that their personal engagement is the driving force behind our business.

Trust based business

In our work we comply with all applicable policies and laws of equal opportunities and we build relationships based on respect and trust in a favorable and indiscriminative environment. We try to balance our business responsibilities and our personal life by providing our employees with different reasons to have fun and strengthen the bond between us. We motivate good performance with the use of individual success acknowledgment programs and with additional social benefits.

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