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We care about the people we reach through our business

The main principle of our business management is to execute our activities in the best way possible, with dignity and respect, without compromising our values. Our leading principle is to win the right way, not “at all cost”.
Establishing and maintaining a lasting relationship with society is a key priority for us. On one hand it gives us the opportunity to be an active participant in the life of the local societies and to actively take on our social responsibility towards them and build relationships of close cooperation with the local authorities. On the other hand, this contributes to further promote our good name and image as a company at local level.

Living and working in that same society, we understand how important it is for us and for the development of our business. This is precisely why we do our best to invest time and effort in our relationship with it.

In order to establish and maintain lasting and mutually beneficial relations with the local societies, the company organizes and cooperates in different regional initiatives. Some of the most significant ones we have accomplished are the campaign My City, My Home and the emblematic project Kamenitza Fan Cup.

“My City – My Home”

The My City, My Home campaign is a part of the long-term social responsibility policy of Kamenitza AD and it’s through it that we complete our aim to constantly improve the environment of the cities where we develop our business. The initiative is of exceptional significance to us as through it we encourage personal responsibility and active civil position among our people. My City, My Home is traditionally conducted with the active participation of our employees and representatives from all management levels, including top management. Since the very beginning My city, My Home is carried on with the support and close cooperation of the Municipalities of Plovdiv and Haskovo.

“Kamenitza Fan Cup”

Kamenitza Fan Cup is the biggest non-professional football tournament in Bulgaria – an acknowledgement certified by the Bulgarian Football Union and the Bulgarian Olympic Committee. Its beginning lies in 2003 and for more than 13 years it has given thousands of football fans the opportunity to participate in a unique football tournament. Through the years Kamenitza Fan Cup has widen its national coverage to all regions of the country with qualifications in 27 cities and regional semifinals in 12 cities. 150 people work on the organizational set up of the event throughout the year and put their hearts and souls in making it a success.

In 2014 Kamenitza Fan Cup took another step for the benefit of its participants. We started the campaign “Donate a goal” under the patronage of the President of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, Mrs. Stefka Kostadinova. Within the initiative, each goal scored during the Kamenitza Fan Cup tournament, adds 1 lev to a special charity account. For the second year in a row the accumulated funds will be invested into improving the football environment in the city of the national champions of the tournament. Our long-term goal is to improve the football environment in the country and to provide quality playing conditions to football fans in the country by gathering funds from each future initiative within the annual tournament.

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