Corporate responsibility

The corporate responsibility of Kamenitza AD has never been limited to the individual initiative or to a specific department. Each member of the team contributes so that the company could be a responsible corporative citizen that does business the right way.

To say it simply, this is important to every one of us and we strive to reach every aspect of the business. In order to be sure that we always act correctly on our way to achieve our goals, we follow few specific principles that build a common frame called “Our brew”. Based on “Our brew”, we build our corporate culture strategy that represents our duty to society and to ourselves in an accessible and easily understandable way.

Our philosophy:

Our beer print

Being an active member of society, we strive to be not only beer producers but most of all – a responsible company. We are a part of a bigger corporate responsibility platform called Our Beer Print within our mother company – the Molson Coors Brewing Company.

At the core of our philosophy for corporate responsibility lies the understanding that each time someone picks a beer it leaves a wet mark on the beer coaster. Wherever we produce and sell our beer, we leave a print on society, on environment and on our people. This is why responsible business behavior towards the society in which we develop our activities and towards our employees, protection of the environment and, last but not least, responsible alcohol consumption are our top priorities.

The striving for Kamenitza AD to leave the most positive mark possible is set in our corporate DNA. Through this approach we engage and motivate our team members, as well as our partners, to invest their skills and effort in finding new ways to strengthen our long-term positive influence. We develop our beer print in four specific directions: Responsible producer, Responsible citizen, Protection of the environment, Responsible employer.

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