Leffe Blonde

There are a small number of beers in the world that can be called acknowledged Belgian Abbey Beers, as this is a symbol of compliance with very strict quality and authenticity standards. But Leffe is one of these beers. Its history began in 1240.

The centuries of old Belgian brewing traditions and the combination of high quality ingredients add up to the tempting taste and the specific golden color of Leffe Blonde that has the unique ability to catch and deflect light. The slight aroma of vanilla and cloves fill up the drink with a unique soft taste that unfolds completely after it is poured into a Leffe glass, revealing the true elegance of Leffe Blonde.

Average quantity per 100 ml

Energy: 58 kcal/241 kJ
Fat: 0 g. from which saturated fat: 0 g.
Carbohydrates: 5,4 g. from which sugar: 0,5 g.
Protein: 0,4 g.
Salt: <0,1 g.

Beer type
Bright Abbey Beer
Alcohol content
Brand origin
Glass type


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