Kamenitza Fresh Grapefruit

Kamenitza Fresh Grapefruit is a member of Kamenitza’s low-alcohol beer portfolio with fruit flavor and is an original continuation of Kamenitza Fresh Lemon, launched in 2011 – the first Bulgarian beer in the segment of low-alcohol beers with fruit flavor, well received by the consumers.
Kamenitza Fresh Grapefruit has a refreshing citrus taste and a 2% alcohol content.

Average quantity per 100 ml

Energy: 34,6 kcal/145,6 kJ
Fat: 0,01 g. from which saturated fat: 0 g.
Carbohydrates: 4,6 g. from which sugar: 3,4 g.
Protein: 0,2 g.
Salt: 0,01 g.

Beer type
Alcohol content
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