In 1516 in Germany a beer purity law was issued aiming to regulate beer production. Today Beck’s can proudly say it has been produced for more than 140 years by a recipe complying with that law, where 4 of the golden ingredients are carefully combined – water, barley, hops and yeast. Thanks to this the German beer guarantees an unchanged, fresh, a bit sour taste, accompanied by a typical light golden color. Beck’s was the first beer to be sold in green bottles and is the bestselling German export beer.

Average quantity per 100 ml

Energy: 48,3 kcal/201,6 kJ
Fat: 0,01 g. from which saturated fat: 0 g.
Carbohydrates: 2,8 g. from which sugar: 0,8 g.
Protein: 0,5 g.
Salt: 0,01 g.

Beer type
Alcohol content
Brand origin
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