Stoichkov and Friends won the unique Stars Football Game of Kamenitza Fan Cup.

The Stars Football Game on the anniversary of Kamenitza Fan Cup, that took place on March 21st 2013 in Sofia, ended with a spectacular win of Stoichkov and Friends. The team comprised some of the participants in the biggest football tournament for fans and led by Kamata and the former FC Barcelona Captain Gică Popescu won by 7:6 after penalties against the team of the new Sports Manager of Levski – Daniel Borimirov and the playmaker of the golden generation of USA 94’ – Yordan Letchkov. The President of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee – Stefka Kostadinova and the old friend and supporter of Kamenitza Fan Cup – the number 1 coach of the 20th Century – Dimitar Penev, watched the show from the first rows along with a lot of journalists, guests and friends of the biggest football tournament for non-professionals in Bulgaria.

Before the Stars Game, played earlier today in Arena Armeec, Hristo’s former teammate received a special t-shirt from Kamata wich resulted in the two players becoming teammates once again 15 years after the unforgettable success of Barcelona’s golden generation. “I’m grateful for the invitation. It is a great honor to stand beside my close friend Hristo. Every time I have the opportunity to be close to him I do it with great pleasure, more so when it comes to friends and football emotions”, commented Popescu, who received an Icon of St. George’s from the organizers. „I would like to congratulate Kamenitza Fan Cup for what it is doing. Good luck! Know that I will always be with you, I will always be where I need to be and I will support football. I wish everyone success”, said Hristo Stoichkov before the game and added, staying truthful to his typical style: “Now you have the chance to improve and judge in our favor”.
The star derby was the prize for specially selected fans – participants in the anniversary issue of Kamenitza Fan Cup. Representatives of teams from Sofia, Shumen, Montana, Dimitrovgrad, Varna, Stara Zagora, Gabrovo and Ruse where the heart and soul of the friendly teams. The roles of captains were taken on by the patron of Fan Cup Hristo Stoichkov and by Dani Borimirov. The Borimirov, Letchkov and Friends team (in black outfits) took the lead in the beginning of the game with two quick scores and Borimirov and Letchkov exchanging excellent passes with friends from the neighborhood. The response of Stoichhov, Popescu and Friends was not far behind; even before the end of half-time, the result was already even and it was Kamata who scored the first goal for his team while Popescu held his typically defensive position while organizing the play of the white team.
The second half offered the spectators four more goals and led to the final 4:4 result. The emotions did not abate until the very end of the regular time as Lechkov’s team was still a goal behind the other team. Thanks to Lechkov’s goal in the last seconds, the outcome of the game had to be settled by penalties. The second part will be remembered with a funny situation – in order to help his team Lechkov put on a white t-shirt and tried to strike the enemy from the back. Captain Stoichkov noticed this right away and signaled the referee in his typical emotional way, which resulted in a yellow card for Kamata and a free kick for the team in black. During the penalties the two goalkeepers Petkov and Gencho Milev from Stara Zagora were the busiest ones. After each of the players from both teams scored, the end result of 7:6 was reached.
“We are extremely happy that as the most football related brand, Kamenitza had the opportunity to present unforgettable football emotions and a unique star game to the fans of Fan Cup. Actually we’ve been watching star games for 10 years now – since the beginning of the biggest football tournament for non-professionals in Bulgaria. Today’s game is even more special because of the participation of players like Stoichkov, Popescu, Borimirov and Lechkov. I am really grateful they had accepted the invitation to play for the fans of Fan Cup. What I can say to the fans is that we will continue surprising them with nice and star-worthy experiences” announced Daniel Petrov, Kamenitza Brand Manager, on the eve of Kamenitza Fan Cup’s official start. This year’s edition of Kamenitza Fan Cup is about to start and teams from Blagoevgrad, Pernik and Kyustendil may already apply for the team qualifications at www.kamenitza.com

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