Staropramen introduced the ruby of the Czech brewing traditions to the Bulgarian audience

Пражка бира №1 в света ще зарадва българските почитатели на качественото пиво със Staropramen Granat

Prague beer №1 in the world is going to please Bulgarian quality beer fans with Staropramen Granat.
The best-selling brand in the premium beer segment in Bulgaria and Prague beer No 1 in the world - Staropramen, introduced to the Bulgarian market a new addition to its product portfolio. At a special event in the spirit of Golden Prague in the Sofia Family Brewery “Prague 18”, the Premium Brands Manager in Kamenitza AD – Maria Alexandrova, together with Vasil Petrov – Beer Production Manager, introduced Staropramen Granat for the first time in Bulgaria.
The recipe was created in the distant 1884 and still carries the spirit of authentic Czech brewing traditions.
Staropramen Granat has a typical ruby red color resulting from the special combination of high-quality ingredients. The release of the product in Bulgaria aims at introducing true beer connoisseurs to the classic garnet taste– a byword that came into being after Staropramen Granat was created in the brewers’ capital – Prague.
This new suggestion seeks to consolidate Staropramen’s leading position at the Bulgarian premium beers market. According to data provided by AC Nielsen, Staropramen holds the number one position in sales in Bulgaria in this segment – not only in the trade network, but also in bars, restaurants and others. “Every fifth premium beer, ordered in a drinking establishment, and every third beer taken from the refrigerators in the supermarkets is Staropramen”, explained Maria Alexandrova in the course of the event. The brand has been on the market since 2005 and recently Bulgarian consumers have begun to value it even more, especially beer enthusiasts, who demand a more specific taste, a delicate bitterness and a pleasant hops aroma. What is also unique about Staropramen is its degrees plato (11,7°), that is pretty high compared to other beers in Bulgaria, which makes Staropramen Granat a denser beer with a richer aroma.
„Staropramen embodies Prague’s brewing traditions and with it we would like to make it possible for people in Bulgaria to feel Prague’s atmosphere”, shared Maria. “The Czechs have this special word “pohoda” that they use to describe great moments in their lives, filled with small pleasures. We hope that our new suggestions will help us amplify “pohoda” moments in Bulgaria. With Granat we want to enrich the knowledge of Bulgarian beer fans about Czech traditions and to offer them more interesting tastes that are not traditional for our market.” added Maria.
Staropramen Granat has a rich history dating back to the distant 1884. A master brewer was intrigued by the appearance and the growing popularity of imported semi dark beers originating from Bavaria and decided to experiment. He began mixing different varieties of malt and when he filled up the first glass someone exclaimed “This is Garnet!” In Latin the word is translated as “ruby” and this is how the beer came to be called granat – a byword for this type of beers up to the present day.
Vasil Petrov – Brewing Manager at Kamenitza AD, gave away some details directly from the brewery: „The Granat recipe uses a blend of three special types of malt. Two of them are produced in the Czech Republic. The ruby color of the beer is a result of a mix between dark caramel malt and light malt. This is the reason for Granat’s strongly emphasized malt taste. In our days we find that beers with bitter hops flavor, delivering greater bitterness, but taking from ale’s aroma, dominate the market at the expense of the aromatic varieties. When it comes to Staropramen Granat, the approach is quite the opposite – aromatic hops is mainly used. This is why the aroma of this ruby ale is very pleasant and very tender. The yeast, on the other hand, is the same as the one used in the production of Granat throughout the world.”
Staropramen Granat is now available in the distribution networks and soon will be offered for sale in the entire country, in 0.5 l glass bottles and in 1L PЕТ bottles.

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