Prague beer #1 in the World – Staropramen will bring in the “Spirit of Prague” during a special tasting

Sofia, March 1st 2013
One of the modern Czech proverbs says: “Beer makes our bodies beautiful” and this is an understanding spread in the entire Czech Republic. Drinking the foamy beverage is a vital part of the country’s traditions and a key element of the social life in the Czech Republic. The country has the largest beer consumption per person – over 140 liters a year. Ritual beer consumption is an unseparable part of daily life and beer production is turned into cultural heritage.
In order to popularize Czech traditions in Bulgaria, the pride of the Czechs – the number one Prague beer in the world - Staropramen, organized a special beer tasting. In this way in March, Staropramen sent beer fans to the land of the Czech Republic. During the special events fans will have the opportunity to hear exciting stories about beer production traditions and consumption of the Prague beer. The more curious will have the opportunity to feel the aroma of hops and 3 types of malt from a close distance – all key ingredients in beer production.
During the events there will be teams of beer connoisseurs who will disclose interesting facts about the history and creation of Prague’s No 1 beer. One of these facts is the history of the first lightbeer and the achievements of the famous Czech brew master Jospeh Paspa. The guests of Staropramen’s special event will hear the history of how it was created in 1869 at the time of the construction of one of the first Czech breweries in the heart of Prague. It is not surprising that ten years later Emperor Franz Joseph I described its taste as “superb”. Another interesting fact about Staropramen’s history is the meaning of its name -“ancient spring”. One of the key ingredients that guarantee the first-class taste of the beer - the high quality water – is coded in the name of the beer.
The tasting will also have an “educational” effect because of the facts that will be shared, for example how to recognize beer quality through a „plateau“ or % extract, and many more that will not only introduce the guests to the secrets and history of the Prague beer, but will also teach them about beer in general.
The special tasting of Staropramen will take place in big shops and in Shopping Centers in:
• February 28th, March 1st and March 2nd – in FantastikoChain Stores in Mladost 4, Studentski grad, Bratya Bukston and near Carrefour in Тhe Mall – Shopping Centre.
• March 7-9th – in FantastikoChain Stores – Dragalevtsi and Simeonovsko Shose, Kaufland Store in Ovcha Kupel and near Carrefour in Тhe Mall – Shopping Centre.
• March 14 – 16th – in FantastikoChain Stores - Hadji Dimitur, Sky City, Carrefour in The Mall Shopping Centre and in Mall of Sofia Shopping Centre.
• March 21–23rd – In Piccadilly Stores in the Mall of Sofia, Serdika Centre and City Center Sofia.
• March 28-30th – in Billa Stores – in Slavia and on Bulgaria Blvd., and near Carrefour in Тhe Mall Shopping Centre
• April 4-6th - Kaufland Store in Mladost, Slatina and Banishora

• February 28th, March 1st and March 2nd – CBA Store (Levski) and Piccadilly Parc
• March 7-9th – Kaufland Stores – Republica and Mladost
• March 14 – 16th – Carrefour and Picadilly “Center”
• March 21–23rd – Piccadilly in Mladost and Billa Obrazcov Dom

• February 28th, March 1st and March 2nd – Kaufland Store – Brezovsko Shose
• March 7-9th – Kaufland Trakia
• March 14 – 16th –Billa 6-sti Septemvri
• March 21–23rd – Piccadilly Retail Park
• March 28-30th – Carrefour
• April 4-6th – Piccadilly Mall (Peshtersko Shose)

• February 28th, March 1st and March 2nd – Carrefour in Mall Galeria Shopping Centre
• March 7-9th – Carrefour in Mall the Plaza Shopping Centre
• March 14 – 16th –Kaufland Slaveikov

• March 28-30th – Kaufland Lipnik
• April 4-6th – Carrefour

• February 28th, March 1st and March 2nd – Piccadilly – Мega Mall Shopping Centre
• March 7-9th – CBA – Trade Park /Targovski Park/
• March 14 – 16th – CBA Pazara

• March 28-30th – Kaufland – Stamo Pulev Str.
• 4 April 4-6th – Carrefour

• March 28-30th – CBA Fantasy
• April 4-6th – Kaufland – Grenaderska Str.
• March 21–23rd – Billa – Orlovska Str.
• March 28-30th – Kauflandна 6 – Ivailo Str.

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