Eternal Beauty: Stella Artois introduced a new campaign shot by the legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz

Sofia, Bulgaria – January 23rd 2013– On January 18th Stella Artois introduced its newest project – a photo session shot by the world-famous photographer Annie Leibovitz. One of the best known names in the field revealed her legendary creative talent in the name of the most famous Belgian beer brand. Annie Leibovitz shot a special photo session for Stella Artois and the news was officially announced at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

„The work of Annie Leibovitz combines an artistic genius and an immaculate mastership that create eternal beauty”, commented Emma Fox, Global Marketing Manager of Stella Artois. “This concept is exceptionally personal for Stella Artois. Our fans enjoy the popular Belgian beer in its final form but this is only possible thanks to 600 years of brewing experience. So we want to celebrate the beauty and the mastership that are part of its creation”.

This new collaboration between Stella Artois and the popular photographer was presented at an official event during the Sundance film festival to which the Belgian brand is an official sponsor. The British actor Noah Huntley hosted the event and participated in the photo shoot together with the Ukrainian model Tanya Ruban. The work of Annie Leibovitz was the main focus of the event. Additionally Stella Artois invited some of the most popular bloggers who use photography as means of communication and as a tool to picture eternal beauty the way they see it. The work of bloggers was also presented during the festival.
Since the beginning of February 2013 the work of Annie Leibovitz will appear in iconic magazines such as GQ, Elle and VanityFair.
In order to celebrate eternal beauty and to give experts who bring it to life the opportunity to express, Stella Artois has developed an online application – Studio Stella Artois. The site is available at: www.stellaartois.com/lasociete. The photos from Annie Leibovitz shoot are available on the website starting on January 18th. Interviews from behind the scenes with the participants, stylists and artists who are part of this campaign, will also be available.
About Stella Artois
Stella Artois® is a part of the Belgian brewing tradition since the distant 1366. It is the number 1 Belgium beer in the world and is distributed in more than 80 countries. The brand tempts the connoisseurs with its malt base and fresh finish, providing thick aroma and a bitter nuance. The delight brought by Stella Artois® is at its best value when the beer is served chilled to between 3-5°C and according to the nine-step pouring ritual of Stella Artois® – only in this way the perfect experience with this pale beer with golden standard can be guaranteed.

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