The national champions of the 13th edition of Kamenitza Fan Cup will go behind the curtains of FC Barcelona along with Hristo Stoichkov

The national champions in the 13th edition of Kamenitza Fan Cup will get a peak of what’s behind the curtains of FC Barcelona accompanied by Hristo Stoichkov
Trifon Ivanov will host the National Finals in his home town Veliko Tarnovo
Shavi, Messi and Neymar opened the event and Valdemara and Camoranezi sent special greetings to the participants in the tournament.
This year the social campaign of Fan Cup “Donate a goal” will collect funds to support Bulgarian football.
March 10, 2015, Sofia
Today the start of the 13th edition of Kamenitza Fan Cup was announced at a special press conference. The national champions in this year’s issue of the tournament will travel to the pearl of Spanish football – Camp Nou. They will embark on an unforgettable adventure behind the curtains of FC Barcelona. The legend Hristo Stoichkov will act as their personal guide and mentor and will present them to the star team of the most loved football club in Europe.
Numerous special guests joined the official opening ceremony of the biggest and most exciting amateur football tournament in Bulgaria, including the General Manager of Kamenitza AD – Marko Njavro, and long-time friends of KFC – Dimitar Penev and Trifon Ivanov. The iron defender from the 1994 World Football Championship in the USA shared that this season’s national finals will take place in Veliko Tarnovo and it would be a great pleasure for him to host the event in his home town. „I will personally meet the finalists and watch the game with great interest so they’d better don’t disappoint me”, joked the legendary Bulgarian football player.

The other important news revealed by the sponsors is that as of this season a change in the tournament rules will be introduced – instead of two teams, only the champions from each regional semifinal will classify for the national finals this year.
“The goal is to raise the stakes for the finalists and to turn the national finals into an even more contested and exciting event. In this way, instead of 24 teams (as it was before), only 12 of the best teams from the entire country will compete in the finals of Fan Cup 2015”, said Kiril Glushkov, Events Manager at Kamenitza AD.

To the greatest surprise of all guests at the Fan Cup, the ceremony begun with a freestyle performance of three professional football tricksters, disguised as the stars of FC Barcelona - Shavi, Messi and Neymar, who used professional makeup and outfits specially designed for the event. A little later a special video was played – a message by the two world-famous football players – Carlos “The Kid” Valderrama and Mauro Camoranesi. Valderrama expressed his support for the tournament and sent his greetings to his good friend Hristo Estoyko – this is how foreigners call the “Kamata”. “I’m sure you will have great fun and will score a lot of goals, because in 2015 we will have the greatest edition of Kamenitza Fan Cup so far.”, added Mauro Camoranesi.
The partners of Fan Cup 2015 also showed their paces. The new sports brand Joma will dress the participants in the tournament in entirely new football outfits that will be in every way equal to the ones used by players in the A team. In addition, Valentin Nikolov, one of the two owners and official representatives for Joma in Bulgaria, explained that the company would provide a special prize for the runner-ups of the national finals. The silver winners will visit the camps of some of the most famous Spanish and Italian teams. For the time being it is kept secret who exactly they would be. Yassen Gusev, Corporate Policy Manager at Telenor Bulgaria, and Vladimir Kamenov – Ford Brand Manager at Ford Moto-Pfohe, also expressed how glad they were to be partners of the tournament for the fourth consecutive year and promised that this year they will, once again, make the participants happy. Traditionally, they prepare a lot of fun games and activations where everyone who wants to participate could win a prize. The same can be expected from Samsung – another corporate partner of the Fan Cup.

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