Alcohol is a Bad Driver campaign received an award for being the best initiative related to road safety organized by a company

The award was presented at an official ceremony when the Annual Road Safety Awards Foundation announced the winners of the 2013 competition. The event took place in Sofia in the beginning of December 2012 and for a second consecutive year acknowledged the best initiatives and campaigns in the field. 

Alcohol is a Bad Driver was voted winner in the “Road safety initiative organized by a company” category. Thes campaign competed with 7 other initiatives and was one of the six awarded in different categories in this year’s edition of the contest with almost 60 participants from the entire country.
„This award is an exceptional sign of appreciation for Alcohol is a Bad Driver campaign. Through it Kamenitza AD showed its social commitments to the responsible use of alcohol and to road safety. The campaign is a result of our belief that every company should contribute to society’s sustainable development. Being a part of Molson Coors Brewing Company – a company with great traditions in the corporate social responsibilities field, included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Kamenitza will keep investing in initiatives that live up to the highest corporate responsibilities standards and sustainable development”, said Anton Karlov - Legal & Corporate Affairs Director of Kamenitza AD. He received the award from the Ambassador of Netherlands – His Excellency Karel van Kesteren.
Alcohol is a Bad Driver started in 2008. The campaign has expanded with every year, improving its informational content, developing and establishing itself as the largest socially responsible platform in the field of road safety. The initiative focuses on one of the most sensitive subjects – consumption of alcohol and responsible behavior on the road. The main goal of Alcohol is a Bad Driver is to inform society about the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol. The campaign has an accent on prevention of drunk driving and employs effective communication methods which give the participants the opportunity of experiencing its message. One of the main activities of the campaign throughout the years have been tests with alcohol goggles which simulate the presence of different alcohol levels in the drivers’ blood and the impairment they cause to their reactions.
The first person to test the alcohol goggles this year was the Minister of Interior Tsvetan Tsvetanov who supported the realization of the campaign. The campaign was also supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Bulgaria, the Road Traffic Division of the Ministry of Interior, the Union of Bulgarian Automobilists, the State & Public Consultative Committee on road safety and the Executive Agency Automobile Administration.
In 2012 Alcohol is a Bad Driver expanded its target group and focused on young drivers. In order to maximize the educational effect of alcohol goggles and turn them into long-term sustainable results, Kamenitza AD issued a proposal to add alcohol goggles’ tests to the regular driver’s license training program. The proposal will be officially submitted to the respective authorities. The company plans to purchase and donate alcohol goggles to the Bulgarian Red Cross so that they could be used as a pilot project next year.
Learn more about the campaign at alcoholbaddriver.bg and at Kamenitza’s page in Facebook – „Kamenitza 0% – Alcohol is a bad driver”.

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