Kamenitza released on the market the first low-alcohol cherry flavored dark beer

В предстоящите есенни и зимни дни и вечери Kamenitza Тъмно Cherry е перфектен избор за почитателите на тъмното пиво с богат вкус и аромат

In the coming autumn and winter days and evenings Kamenitza Dark Cherry is the perfect choice for the fans of dark beers with rich taste and aroma.
This autumn Kamenitza adds another innovative member to its big family – Kamenitza Dark Cherry – the first dark fruit flavored beer with low alcohol content on the Bulgarian market. The cherry of the beer season can be found in 0.5 l glass bottles and in 1L PET bottles. From the end of September it will also be available in the stores throughout the country.
The basis for our new family member is high-quality Kamenitza Dark, ideally complemented by a full cherry flavor. The taste of this combination is exquisite and the low 2.2 % alcohol content of Kamenitza Dark Cherry provides longer enjoyment and an appropriate choice for everyone who values the rich and thick taste of dark beer. The cherry flavor has been chosen by the Bulgarian consumers through a market study, conducted by the brewery in 2013.

Until this autumn the winter products category of Kamenitza used to include only Kamenitza Dark - the first Bulgarian dark beer. This well-known and loved aromatic dark beer, with a rich caramel taste, typical color and 6% alcohol content, is produced following an old recipe, diligently kept in Plovdiv since 1892. Now the Brewery adds Kamenitza Dark Cherry and the expectations of the public towards this innovative combination are high.
„Kamenitza Dark Cherry is our consecutive innovative proposition and with it we try to satisfy the demanding taste of all quality beer fans. Regardless where you are, either in your cozy home, or in the bar with your friends, the cherry of the beer season will give you special moments with its typical aroma and the harmonic balance between fruit sweetness and malt bitterness”, commented Hristo Valkov, Brand Manager at Kamenitza, and added that Kamenitza Dark Cherry is a great companion for the coming autumn and winter days and evenings.
You can find more information about all innovations of Kamenitza and the latest news about the brand on our official website: http://kamenitza.bg.

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