Kamenitza Fan Cup sends champions and fans to a football game in Brazil

A new game scheme brings the tournament of the year closer to the big football championships. For the first time in Bulgaria the “friends of the neighborhood” will play with an official ball of the Confederation Cup 2013
April 2nd 2013, Sofia
The eleventh edition of the biggest and most exciting football tournament for friends in Bulgaria, Kamenitza Fan Cup, begins today at a special event in Sofia and brings great news - the champions of the tournament will watch the game at the iconic Marakana Stadium in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. At today’s press conference it became clear that there will be a prize for one of the fans, who will travel with the champions and will have the opportunity of taking two of his friends with him.
A lot of friends of the largest and most exciting football tournament for amateurs attended the event. Stefka Kostadinova, President of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, Yordan Letchkov and Trifon Ivanov, representatives of the 1994 golden generation, were among them. Trifon Ivanov is the official representative of this year’s edition of the campaign and the star of the tournament’s most recent video advertisement that is already on air.
The eleventh edition of Kamenitza Fan Cup continues to develop and expand its traditions. “Being a favorite beer brand, in 2013 Kamenitza will again offer the most exciting football tournament to fans across the country", said Dragan Radivojevic, General Manager of Kamenitza AD, in his opening speech. "We believe that in order to win Kamenitza Fan Cup you should not only be a good player but also a good friend; that's why friends deserve the prize and will watch the game together at the Maracana Stadium. This is our way of developing what has been achieved so far and we believe we will become an even greater part of Bulgaria’s football map", added Daniel Petrov, Kamenitza Brand Manager.
The big prize and the trip to Brazil are not the only surprises in store for the participants in the eleventh issue of the tournament. The scale of the tournament grows, it attracts more participants, there are more football games as additional evening games (with artificial lightning) are possible, and innovations are implemented. The scheme for the regional semifinals of the tournament have changed significantly - in contrast to the direct eliminations that have been determining the local champions up until now, starting this year all teams from the group which had gone through the preliminary qualifications, will be playing in at least three of the games in the group phase and afterwards the two winning teams from each group will qualify to move forward in the competition up until a regional champion and a second runner-up are announced. It is expected that in this way the number of participants will reach 20 000 and 50 % more games will be played.
The scheme for the finals qualifications remains the same – the two best teams from each region will qualify for the final that will take place at the beginning of September in Sliven. During the event, the host of the forthcoming finals – Yordan Lechkov, announced personally that he will expect the champions and will provide the necessary professional conditions in the beginning of September. The first regional semifinal will take place at the end of April and will be hosted by the town of Kyustendil for the first time in the history of Kamenitza Fan Cup. Another town that will also be hosting the regional semifinal for the first time is the town of Ludogoretz – Razgrad.
For a second consecutive year in the history of Kamenitza Fan Cup, the official partners Adidas, GLOBUL, Samsung and FordMoto-Pfohe will contribute to the tournament with additional initiatives. Along wuth the football legend Yordan Letchkov, Mr. Serdil Giozelelkli, Sports Marketing Manager of Adidas, who travelled to Bulgaria for the start of Kamenitza Fan Cup, presented the official ball of the tournament – same as the one big stars from the Small World Championship will play with. “The long-lasting partnership between Adidas and Kamenitza has moved to another level. This year the participants in the tournament will play with the ball, designed for the Confederations Cup 2013 – the Adidas Cаfusa. Moreover, four contestants will visit the home town of Adi Dasler and the heart of Adidas – Herzogenaurach, Germany”, said Serdil Giozelelkli. The Adidas Cafusa Ball was designed especially for the competition in Brazil and will be presented for the first time in the region during the 2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Turkey at the end of June. But friends from the neighborhood will strike some goals with the Adidas Cafusa even before that. Lechkov even showed some great skills on stage and challenged the TV host Ivo Raychev to juggle along with him. Raychev did well not only on the football challenge, but also on the task to moderate the official press conference together with his radio colleague – Misho Diuzev.
GLOBUL and Samsung presented a lot of attractive and technical gadgets. This year GLOBUL will again give away a football trip to Old Trafford as a prize for two lucky fellows – a fan and a contestant. Ford continues to be the official carrier of Kamenitza Fan Cup. Dimo Nikolov, the Managing Director of Moto Pfohe, shared that he “was impressed by the enthusiasm in the hall” and praised Kamenitza AD “for the great efforts and the opportunity to support such a nice tradition for 11 consecutive years”.

Traditionally, all fans and participants can find photos and videos from the forthcoming tournament in Facebook at www.facebook.com/kamenitzafancup. All news and legislative documents are available at the official website of the company: www.kamenitza.com.
For more information:
www.kamenitza.bg; www.facebook.com/kamenitzafancup

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