Kamenitza greets autumn with unfiltered beer – a new drink with natural turbidity and beer yeasts

With the onset of cooler months and the fading of the sounds of the sea, Kamenitza released a new beer on the market, called “Unfiltered”. Since the beginning of September you may find the first Bulgarian beer with beer yeast and a live taste in the stores chain and in hotels, restaurants and cafés. The new product is a wheat beer distinguished by a truly rich taste and natural haziness. This is achieved by skipping the filtration phase as the name of the beer suggests. In this way parts of the beer yeast remain, and the authentic taste of malt and hops is retained. All this creates a more real, livelier and natural impression. For an even more aromatic experience, we added a pinch of coriander.

“Kamenitza Unfiltered” distinguishes itself by a few additional natural components absent in other beers, as they are lost in the course of the usual filtration”, explains Vassil Petrov, Beer Production Manager in Kamenitza AD, and adds - “These are yeast, polyphenols and proteins. All these elements add up to the rich taste, aroma and the nice thick froth”.
One of the specifics of Unfiltered is the way it should be consumed. Before enjoying a sip of this beer it is recommended to turn the bottle upside down so that the yeast and the natural haziness is evenly distributed. When serving, pour half of the beer into the glass, sway it with circular motions and then add the remaining part, so that you could have a perfect glass of beer with an authentic taste.

„What has always distinguished us from others is our courage to offer our clients different types of products in order to satisfy their demands”, shared Maria Alexandrova, Marketing Director of Kamenitza AD. “What we aim at with Kamenitza Unfiltered is to reach out to those beer fans who know the authentic, specific live taste of unfiltered ale; who look and value simple things in life” – she explained devotedly.
The new product is different in content and appearance. Unfiltered can only be found in 0,5L glass bottles, and it will stand out on the shelves thanks to its authentic label with a Cyrillic logo of Kamenitza on it, underlining the 135-year old history of the brewery.

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