Kamenitza AD won second place in the „Employer from the real sector with the highest number of workplaces open under the Human Resources Development Operational Programme” category

„Kamenitza” AD has won a new award – second place in the “ Employer from the real sector with the highest number of workplaces open under the Human Resources Development Operational Programme” category. The prize is given for the number of workplaces open for interns under the Human Resources Development Program for youth employment opportunities through internships.

The award was presented to us by the executive director of Bulgaria's Employment Agency Kamelia Lozanova on December 13th 2012, at the Employer of the Year annual ceremony, organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies and the Bulgaria Employment Agency.
„It is a great honor for Kamenitza to receive an award for its work under the New Start Project. But it is also a great responsibility. We need to keep some of the 7 young people we have with us now and give the rest the opportunity to have a successful career start. Internship changed these young people’s destiny. Our trainees became a part of Kamenitza’s professional life and this experience will be the beginning of their career paths and their development”, commented at the awards ceremony Miglena Tzvetkova, Training and Development Manager.
Kamenitza AD won the award as a result of 72 work places open under the project „New Beginning – from Education to Employment”. They have been opened in connection with the Youth Employment Opportunities through Internships, Programme in which Kamenitza AD has been participating since it was launched last year.
In 2011 11 workplaces have been opened and in 2012 – 62 more. The program aims at giving employment opportunities to the young through internships that take their university degrees into consideration regardless of their work experience in specific fields.
The initiative gives the company the opportunity to hire young people as trainees in different departments. The duration of the internship is six months. Within the first wave of the program 7 interns began working in Kamenitza, within the second – 26, and within the third – 11. Now there are 43 young people in total who have the opportunity of becoming a part of our company’s corporate world, of gaining knowledge and acquiring valuable skills. They will then be able to use good practices they have learnt in companies where they will continue their professional development. In this way Kamenitza AD – one of the best employers in the country, will be a part of the trainees’ CV’s and will open for them doors to good careers and successful realization. The team of the company also benefits from the presence of young men and women, their positivism, enthusiasm and new ideas, external points of view and will improve and perfect the activities they participate in as all of this brings fresh energy into daily work. Thanks to the interns Kamenitza AD has been able to complete and develop projects which otherwise would have not been realized as they require more time and additional human resources.
The trainees work in different departments of the company: 22 in the Sales Department; 10 in Production; 6 in Human Resources; 5 in Finance; 2 in Legal; and finally one in the Legal and Corporate Affairs Department. They are located in the offices in Sofia, Haskovo, Plovdiv, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven, Ruse, Dobrich, Yambol, Montana, Vratsa, Pazardzhik. Pernik, Kyustendil and Blagoevgrad.
A specially delegated mentor is responsible for the introduction and development of each intern. Operational tasks executed by the youngsters enable them to acquire real practical skills and understand the specifics and the logic of the brewing industry and of business in general.
The award presented to Kamenitza by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies and the Bulgaria's Employment Agency is the second of its kind for the company. In May of this year Kamenitza AD received a Certificate from Prime Minister Boyko Borisov for its role and commitment to reducing youth unemployment. The certificate was presented at an official ceremony during which the Minister of Labor and Social Policies announced the results of the first wave of the program.

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