KAMENITZA AD transforms its presence in Plovdiv

Компанията изгражда модерен мултифункционален комплекс на част от територията на пловдивската пивоварна
The company is building a modern multifunctional complex on part of the territory of the Plovdiv brewery. KAMENITZA AD transforms its presence in Plovdiv by building a unique multifunctional complex on part of the territory of the existing brewery. It will include a microbrewery for craft beer production, a brewery visitor center, a leisure park and an open amphitheater stage for cultural and social events. The decision to transform company’s presence in the town has been taken after a deep and detailed analysis of Plovdiv Brewery’s potential for development. “The truth is that when Bulgaria’s first beer was produced in Kamenitza brewery in 1881, the factory used to be located in town’s periphery in an uninhabited industrial area. Today the factory is situated in the heart of a residential district, close to the city center, which makes the access and the service of the factory extremely difficult and limits the opportunities for future investments and expansion of the production” – declared Marko Njavro, General Manager of Kamenitza AD. This is why the existing activities of the brewery will be stopped and the industrial production activity will be entirely redirected to Kamenitza’s brewery in Haskovo. As a result of this decision, as of today, the Plovdiv brewery discontinues its current activities. Because of this Kamenitza AD will have to dismiss 58 of all of the 189 employees working in production and logistics. Another 16 employees will be offered with alternative employment in the brewery in Haskovo. 33 employees will be offered temporary project-based employment in Plovdiv brewery until all production and demolition activities are fully ceased.. This way the forthcoming changes will affect a total of 107 employees, and 82 employees from trade, financial and human resources departments will remain permanently employed. Each of the affected employees we will provide with a severance package to help him/her in the transition period until finding new professional realization. In order to better support our colleagues, we will provide them with severance packages, which significantly exceed the legally required thresholds. What is more, the severance packages exceed the ones, specified in the Company collective labor agreement, which reflects the current arrangements between Kamenitza AD and the syndicate organizations. “This is a very difficult moment for all of us because we understand very well the severity of this decision and its effect on our colleagues, which we need to part ways with. Every one of them has largely contributed to the growth and development of the company and of our brands throughout the years. This is exactly why we would like to express our sincere gratitude to every member of brewery’s team for their loyalty, the long years of hard work and devotion. As we understand very well that the affected employees are facing a very hard time, we will do everything necessary to ensure them in the most just and well-deserved manner and to give them our full support during the process of finding a new job”, declared Katerina Shopova – Human Resources Manager of Kamenitza AD. “Plovdiv is our hometown, where we’ve been building our history and traditions since 1881. This is why we remain here with a new appearance – “Kamenitza Brewery” – the home of the first Bulgarian beer. Kamenitza is the beer of people of Plovdiv and this is the reason we will do our best to be an inseparable part of the cultural and social life of the town by supporting different local projects and initiatives in the future”, shared Marko Njavro. “Our desideration is to save and preserve the spirit of the first Bulgarian beer not only by continuing the production of everybody’s favorite Kamenitza, but also by creating a place where the citizens of Plovdiv and the first Bulgarian beer lovers could go back in time and step into the exceptional history and traditions of the ale. This is why we are going to build a modern multifunctional complex and we are going to call it Pivovarnitza Kamenitza, announced the Executive Manager of the company – Anton Karlov. He has also confirmed that the head office of the company will remain in Plovdiv and that Kamenitza AD will keep its strong bond with the town – an emblem of Plovdiv’s past, present and future. The investment equals to almost 2 million euro and 50 work places will open in Plovdiv thanks to this. Pivovarnitza Kamenitza will be a different place where unique varieties of craft beers will be produced. This way Kamenitza AD will put its efforts not only into the preservation of Plovdiv’s brewing tradition, but also in its development. “Our microbrewery will be a place for experiments, for discovering of new and unique recipes and tastes, a place where a true brewer will be able to bring life to his ideas”, said Njavro. The building of the complex will start in the beginning of 2017. The Company plans to work with local authorities, Plovdiv’s public, cultural and creative organizations in order to turn the complex into one of the signature places in Plovdiv and a valuable part of town’s travel guide. Kamenitza AD has started the process of looking for an appropriate investor for the remaining part of the plot of the existing brewery covering 31 000 square meters. The company has assured that the choice of a new owner will be made very carefully in order for the property to get into the hands of a conscientious proprietor, neighbor and a proud citizen of Plovdiv. The choice will be agreed with the local authorities and public organizations taking into consideration the best interest of the local community. For you to step deep into the world of Kamenitza Brewery and go for a virtual tour around the future complex, please check our special video.
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