„Kamenitza AD issued a proposal to add alcohol goggles tests to driver’s license training programmes

Over 5 000 people have joined the fifth edition of the socially responsible campaign Alcohol is a Bad Driver, organized by Kamenitza AD. The total number of participants in all 5 editions of the campaign has now exceeded 20 000 people.

This data was presented during a special event that marked the end of the 2012 edition of Alcohol is a Bad Driver and took place in Sofia on November 4th 2012.
The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Tsvetan Tsvetanov who supports the campaign, was the official guest of the event. “It is the fifth year for Kamenitza AD to have been our partner and we always do our best to join such initiatives. The campaign does not end with this event. We will develop and improve it next year together with our partners from Kamenitza AD”, stated The Minister of Interior.
Among other official guests at the event were Sofia Deputy Mayor, Lyubomir Hristov, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Bulgaria Anick Van Calster, Georgi Yanakiev, Chairman of the Managing Board of the Union of Bulgarian Automobilists, Aleksi Kesyakov, Secretary of the Bulgarian State & Public Road Safety Commission, Slavka Andreeva – Head of Drivers and Road Traffic Safety department of Executive Agency Automobile Administration and the faces of the campaign rally drivers Petar Gyoshev and Ekaterina Stratieva, and actor and showman Stefan Shterev, who hosted the event.
The event on November 14th was suggested by Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov. It was Tsvetanov’s idea tests with alcohol goggles to be conducted inside cars at The Mall’s parking space, as a part of the Alcohol is a Bad Driver campaign. The unique goggles simulate the presence of different alcohol levels in the blood and their testing in a car recreates a completely realistic road situation. The inhabitants of the capital had the opportunity to test the goggles in cars, driven by rally drivers Petar Gyoshev and Ekaterina Stratieva and in completely safe environment to understand in what way different quantities of alcohol change our reactions and make it impossible for us to drive – one’s vision becomes blurry, they lose their sense of distance etc. 5 types of alcohol goggles, simulating different blood alcohol levels from 0,4 to 1, 7 promilles, were tested today by the audience in order for it to understand the risks of drunk driving.

“It was a pleasure organizing the event suggested by the Minister of Interior –Tsvetan Tsvetanov. Alcohol goggles are a highly effective method and by using them we give the participants a chance to experience the message of Alcohol is a Bad Driver and persuade them to drive safely. Most of all - driving is a responsibility. It is important that everyone realizes this at the earliest, the moment we see the rules for the first time”, commented Dragan Radivojevic – General Manager of Kamenitza AD.
Exactly for this reason the first people to test the alcohol goggles on the 14th were those currently taking their driver’s license courses.
They were specially invited to take part in the event as beginner drivers are an important part of the society targeted by the Alcohol is a Bad Driver campaign. In order to make the educational effect of alcohol goggles available to everyone, Kamenitza AD issued a proposal to add alcohol goggles’ tests to regular driver’s license training programmes. The idea had been support by the Executive Agency Automobile Administration. It will be officially submitted to the respective authorities. For the purpose of the campaign the company took on the responsibility of purchasing and donating 10 pairs of alcohol goggles. The proposal was approved by all official guests. Next year alcohol goggles will be presented to leading driving schools throughout the country, with the support of the Union of Driving Instructors and the Union’s President.
The proposal to make alcohol goggles a part of young drivers’ training is a logical continuation of the Alcohol is a Bad Driver campaign. In the five years since it start it has turned into the largest, well established corporate socially responsible campaign in the field of road safety. Since 2008 when the first edition was awarded the award of The Best Road Safety Campaign in Bulgaria by the Acting European Commissioner for Transport, Alcohol is a Bad driver has continued developing and expanding, covering more cities and increasing its number of participants. This year it covered 6 towns of the country. The main element of the campaign in 2012 were the tests with alcohol goggles, which took place in Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Pleven and Veliko Tarnovo. In order to reach a wider audience, in 2012 13 800 brochures were given away in the course of the campaign. The fan page in Facebook increased the number of its fans to more than 3000 people and almost 250 000 visited the page and became aware of the campaign’s message. The summarized data shows that since the start of the campaign in 2008, 20 000 people participated in its activities and more than 30 000 informational brochures have been given away.
The fifth edition of the Alcohol is a Bad Driver campaign was realized with the support of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior – Tsvetan Tsvetanov, The Embassy of The Kingdom of Belgium in Bulgaria, Road Traffic Police Department to the General Directorate National Police; The Union of the Bulgarian Automobilists, the State & Public Consultative Commission on Road Safety. Ford Moto-Pfohe, Rompetrol and the Fancy Restaurants Chain were the corporate partners of the campaign. The campaign received media support from Darik Radio, Dir.bg, Nova TV, Trud and 24 Chasa.
Find more information about the campaign at alcoholbaddriver.bg or at the facebook page of the campaign.
About Alcohol is a bad driver
The Alcohol is a Bad Driver campaign is a part of the long-term corporate policy of Kamenitza AD. It emphasizes the most actual and sensitive subjects related to road safety – responsible alcohol consumption and responsible behavior on the road. It is also a logical continuation of the European Road Safety Charter signed by Kamenitza AD in 2007. The company is the first and only Bulgarian brewing company that has integrated the principles of the Charter into its internal corporate policy. In 2008 Alcohol is a Bad Driver has been assessed as the best road safety campaign in the country by the then acting European Commissioner for Transport. Kamenitza AD is the only brewing company producing Bulgarian non-alcoholic beer – Kamenitza 0%. Since the beginning of the current year the message and the website of Alcohol is a Bad Driver have been written on the can of Kamenitza 0% and thus the company has been the first to tie one of its products to its corporate and social policies.


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