Since the beginning of 2014 Kamenitza AD has invested 30 million euro in Astika Brewery

6 милиона евро са вложени в разширяване на логистичната база на пивоварна „Астика“ в Хасково

6 million euro were invested in the enlargement of the logistics base of Astika Brewery in Haskovo.
28.04.2015 – Haskovo. Today, at a special meeting, Kamenitza AD announced the investments made in the company’s brewery in Haskovo in the course of the last 18 months, and stated its readiness to maintain its leading positions among clients and beer consumers in the country, for a third consecutive year.
The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Haskovo, Georgi Ivanov, the Regional Governor Dobri Belivanov, the Executive Director of the InvestBulgaria Agency, Stamen Yanev, and the Regional Chairman of the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria, Stefan Dimitrov.
Since 2012 Kamenitza AD has been a leader among clients and consumers on the Bulgarian beer market. According to data supplied by AC Nielsen, as a leader in the mid-price and premium segments, Kamenitza AD holds a 33.4 % market share of the beer market in the entire country. The data shows that Kamenitza AD is the indisputable leader in production volumes and sales in the category. The company pursues serious investments in order to expand its activities. In this way, since the beginning of 2014, it has invested 30 million euro in projects in Astika Brewery. Almost 6 million euro have been invested in the logistics base of the beer producer in Haskovo. Following the expansion, the base now takes up 20 000 m2 of land. The unique for the country anaerobic reactor ensures the purification of brewery’s waste waters and is a part of the long-term investments of Kamenitza AD aimed at guaranteeing a zero contamination production process. The total value of the integration of the innovative technology is nearly 3 million euro and will allow the purification of 60% of the wastewater discharge result of the production processes at Astika Brewery. This will help reach the full capacity of the anaerobic water reactor which currently purifies the waste waters of all factories in the Northern Industrial Area of Haskovo. In addition, the reactor produces a biogas as a sub-product and it may be used as an alternative fuel source serving the energy needs of the brewery.
„The investments we have made display our desire to develop and improve our production capacities thus responding even more adequately to the high expectations of our clients and consumers. Kamenitza AD has been the leader on the beer market of Bulgaria since 2012 and we are determined to continue being choice number one for our consumers and customers and to continually strive to bring the whole brewing industry forward.”, said the General Manager of Kamenitza AD, Marko Njavro.
„I’m exceptionally pleased and proud that Kamenitza AD continues to invest in the development of sustainability and business climate in our town. I can assure you that we will go on supporting the expansion of the brewery and the adjoining areas in every way we can”, stated the Mayor of Haskovo, Georgi Ivanov.
The international beer producer Molson Coors has been following a steady business development model and the key to the principal philosophy of the giant lays in the idea behind Our Beer Print. At the base of our corporate responsibility philosophy lies the understanding that each time someone picks a beer it leaves a wet mark on the beer coaster. Likewise, according to the philosophy of Molson Coors, the companies that are part of it, regardless where they produce and sell their beer, leave a mark on society, environment and people. This is the reason why for Kamenitza AD, being part of the Molson Coors Brewing Company, the responsible business behavior towards societies, where the company conducts its business, towards its employees, towards the environment and, last but not least, the responsible use of alcohol, are top priorities. The essence of Our beer Print is the striving to leave the most positive mark possible and to minimize the negative effects from its activities on all parties concerned – the environment, people and societies.
“The way in which Molson Coors plans to achieve its goal of minimizing the negative beer print, is set in its global Sustainable Development Strategy 2020. In its core it sets the ambitious goal of not sending any waste to the dumping-grounds prior to 2020. We believe that corporate responsibility is the smart way of doing business. It is an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with our employees, with the societies where we develop our businesses, and to take into account the environment whose resources we use. We are devoted to the idea of widening our positive beer print and minimizing the negative one” said Simon Cox, Chief Executive Officer of Molson Coors Europe.

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