Kamenitza AD is the new official partner of the Bulgarian Football Union

Kamenitza AD is the new official partner of the Bulgarian Football Union. The partnership between the brewery and the Football Union began in 2013. The Partnership Agreement was signed in the eve of the World Cup qualifications of the Bulgaria National Football team. The brewing company will be the partner of the Bulgarian Football Union in 2013 – a tremendously important year for the National Football Team as this is the year of the World Championship qualifications.
„The partnership with the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) is a great honor for Kamenitza AD. We are grateful for the opportunity to work together in a year so important for the Bulgaria Football Team. We wish the team great success that hopefully will lead to a memorable participation in the 2014 FIFA World Cup”, commented Dragan Radivojevic, General Manager of Kamenitza AD.
The Kamenitza Brand will have a leading role in this partnership as football has always been a priority for it. Kamenitza Fan Cup, the biggest football tournament for non-professionals in the country, started in 2003 and for over a decade the brand has contributed greatly to amateur football. The 11th edition of Kamenitza Fan Cup is imminent in 2013. The logo of the Bulgarian Football Union will be displayed on the participants’ outfits.
“It is a pleasure to be Kamenitza’s partner, considering its well established traditions and sentiment for the football”, commented the President of BFU – Borislav Mihaylov. “We believe in our beneficial cooperation and wish the best of luck to our National Football Team”, added Mihailov.
The partnership between Kamenitza AD and the Bulgarian Football Union is the brand’s return to professional football. The company was one of the official sponsors of the National Football Team between 1998 and 2006. Precisely in that period we had seen the lions participate in European and World Championships for the last time (1998 FIFA World Cup in France and UEFA Euro 2004 in Portugal). While signing the agreement both parties said they hope this partnership would bring luck to the National Football Team and it would qualify for the Championship.

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