Kamenitza AD donates 12 pairs of alcohol goggles to the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC)

At a special event on April 29th 2013 Kamenitza AD donated 3 sets (or 12 pairs) of alcohol goggles to the Bulgarian Red Cross. The donation is a part of the socially responsible campaign Alcohol is a Bad Driver and a logical continuation of last year’s suggestion of Kamenitza AD to make alcohol goggles a part of young drivers’ training in first aid classes.

Prof. Zdravko Marinov, Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Red Cross and host of the event, greeted Kamenitza AD and said: “We accept the donation as a sign of trust in our organization and the quality of first-aid trainings for young drivers, conducted by the BRC. I would like to express my gratitude to the management of Kamenitza AD for their commitment and the efforts they put in the prevention of road accidents and the reduction of the number of victims through the campaign Alcohol is a Bad Driver. We take the participation of the Red Cross in the pilot project as a responsibility and I assure you that our tutors will find the best way of making use of alcohol goggles in first-aid courses".
“It is a great honor for me, that today, at this event, Kamenitza AD fulfills it social commitments. Today we donate alcohol goggles that will be used for pilot projects in Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas. In this way, future drivers will experience the feelings, re-created by goggles, before they get behind the steering wheel as then they will become responsible not only for themselves but for their loved ones and everyone else as well. We are convinced that, in the long-term, as a part of the educational program of the BRC, the goggle tests will have an educational effect and will contribute to the reduction in the number of victims of road accidents”, stated Yasen Liubenov – Marketing Director of Kamenitza AD.
Aleksi Kesiakov (Secretary of the State & Public Consultative Commission on Road Safety), Inspector Maria Boteva from the "Traffic Police" at the General Directorate "National Police" of the Ministry of Interior, Georgi Yanakiev – Chairman of the Governing Board of the Union of Bulgarian Automobilists and Dr. Simeon Dinev – BRS Tutor, attended the event. All of them expressed their support towards the test of these special goggles by young drivers.
The brewing company donated 3 sets (12 pairs) of alcohol goggles to the Bulgarian Red Cross. They will be used as an educational element in first aid courses organized by BRC for all future drivers who had passed successfully their driving exams. The goggles will be a part of the learning module of the program related to the effects of alcohol and responsible driving. Last week the goggles were tested by Red Cross students in Sofia. It is expected that by the end of 2013 goggles will have been used in the training of over 12 000 people in Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas.
As a part of its long standing effort to prevent road traffic accidents, the BRC will include alcohol goggles in first-aid courses for drivers currently in training.
The so called alcohol goggles simulate the presence of specific contents of blood alcohol. Everyone testing the goggles is able to experience personally, but in a safe environment, how alcohol influences the perceptions and reactions of a person behind the wheel and makes him unable to drive. Over the past years alcohol goggles tests have been the main tool in the Alcohol is a Bad Driver campaign to introduce the participants to the risks of drunk driving in an effective and direct way.
Following the positive feedback from participants and campaign partners in the course of the years, Kamenitza AD decided to come forward with an official proposal of including alcohol goggles in courses for drivers in training.
Giving away alcohol goggles is a part of this year’s edition of Alcohol is a Bad Driver”. The campaign is a part of the long-term social policy of the company and its main goal is to put an accent on responsible consumption of alcohol and responsible behavior by drivers. The campaign aims at informing society of the risks of drunk driving, at working for a change in drivers’ self-awareness and frame of mind and at contributing to better road safety. Industrialization of alcohol goggles and them becoming a part of the educational program for young drivers are some of the ways which contribute to the long-term results and reassertion of the campaign as the largest platform in the field of road-safety. The campaign complies with the global values of Molson Coors Brewing Company and is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

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