Corona Extra is the newest member of Kamenitza AD’s portfolio

Мексиканската бира, която покори света, с нов ексклузивен дистрибутор за България

The Mexican beer that conquered the world has a new exclusive distributor for Bulgaria.
Mexico felt in love with it and then the entire World did. Corona Extra, the famous Mexican lager, has almost conquered Bulgaria. Since the beginning of 2015, the internationally famous beer brand has had a new distributor for Bulgaria - Kamenitza AD. The brand joined the existing international premium brands portfolio of the company that includes the Belgian Stella Artois, Hoegaarden and Leffe and the American craft beer Blue Moon.
The history of Corona Extra began in 1925 in the Modelo brewery (Cervecería Modelo) in Mexico City. Ten years later Corona became the best-selling beer in Mexico. Today the brand is known and valued around the world for its spirit and its key message “Find your beach”. Corona Extra is offered in 186 countries around the world but each bottle is produced in Mexico. The beer is best known for its connection to the exotic sandy beaches, its emblematic see-through bottle and its special serving ritual – every bottle of Corona goes with a with a slice of lime in its neck.

„I’m glad we are adding another world-famous beer brand to our portfolio. I’m sure Corona Extra will bring at least a bit of Mexican sun to the world of beer and I think it will be very well accepted by our consumers”, shared Yasen Liubenov, Marketing Director at Kamenitza AD.

„Kamenitza“ AD will establish the brand mainly in the so called “Cold Market” or “Away from Home Chain” (hotels, restaurants and cafés), but Corona Extra will also be available in stores. “Our goal is to increase the recognition of Corona Extra in Bulgaria and to gradually improve its distribution in the country. Fans can be sure that the brand will become more accessible in the months to come” added Yasen Liubenov.

Corona Extra is a light beer with lower fermentation and 4.5% alcohol content, produced only in Mexico. All around the world, no matter the language and the cultural differences, Corona means one and the same thing: enjoying the moment. The unique way of serving and drinking it – with a slice of lime and straight form the bottle, is emblematic for the brand.

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