Carling Cider released two new refreshing flavors in the beginning of the new season

Lime & Mint and Apple will be keeping company to the cherry sensation from last summer

Lime & Mint and Apple will be keeping company to the cherry sensation from last summer
This spring Carling Cider – our favourite drink from the country of cider - Great Britain, entered the Bulgarian market with two new flavors. Lime and mint, as well as the classic apple, are the two new gentlemen’s suggestions for the fans of fruit low-alcoholic drinks. They are already available in the trade network along with the well-known Carling Cider Cherry that was presented last year.
Great Britain is a country of great traditions when it comes to cider production. Today 50% of all the cider bought around the world is actually sold in Great Britain. The data results provided by AC Nielsen show that in 2014 Carling Cider Cherry has made an impressive premiere on the market after it had won a 43% market share in August, following a few months of activities, and has become one of the most preferred summer drinks within its segment.
„The cider is a drink accepted equally well by men and women and it has achieved great results throughout the country. In order to satisfy the demand of our consumers for new and interesting flavors, we now offer two new refreshing flavors in the new season”, shared Iskra Popova, Brand Manager at Kamenitza AD. „Lime and mint is the flavor of the more extravagant people, it’s for those who look for freshness and love experimenting. The apple flavor is loved by traditionalists, by those who prefer constancy, stand strong behind their decisions and know what they like” added Mrs. Popova.
The traditional Carling Cider Apple is produced from apple juice, extracted from hand-picked fresh apples. It is really fresh and is a great companion for the hot summer days ahead of us.
The unique combination of lime and garden mint of Carling Cider Lime & Mint is responsible for the fresh summer aroma and the well-known cocktail nuance of this suggestion.
The two new ciders bring the summer breeze to the trade network in 0.3 l stylish glass bottles with 4% alcohol content. Serve them on ice - for maximum great taste and pleasure.

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