40% of Bulgarians would sit behind the steering wheel after having drunk “a minimal” amount of alcohol

Стартира осмото издание на кампанията на Каменица АД „Алкохолът е лош шофьор“

The eight edition of Kamenitza’s “Alcohol is a Bad Driver” campaign began.
Sofia, October 13th 2015 – It appears that every 3rd Bulgarian (39%) would sit behind the steering wheel after he has had ‘just a little to drink”. This has happened to nearly half of the people in the course of last month. This is a small part of the data concerning the habits and cast of mind of Bulgarian drivers, collected by the statistics research of Kamenitza AD – part of this year’s issue of “Alcohol is a Bad Driver” campaign that started today.
According to results from the research, conducted by Gemius, the widespread opinion among people that consumed alcohol is that consequences of drunk driving do not affect them in any way. In 50 % of the cases the most commonly given explanations for getting in the car after consuming alcohol were: “I had no other way of getting home, there was no one else to drive, there were no other means of transport” and this actually shows how many people underestimate the enormous risks of drunk-driving.
„Although most people know how dangerous drinking and then driving may be, it’s a risk that remains underestimated and many people actually carry on doing it. This is exactly the reason for us to continue this campaign and use it to change people’s behavior and make them more responsible and reasonable on the road. Even one life saved will be worth all of the effort we’ve put into it all these years and will motivate us to continue doing it in the future”, stated Marko Njavro – General Manager of Kamenitza AD.
The main message of the 8th edition of the “Alcohol is a Bad Driver” campaign is “Be a super driver. It is a super power to leave your car if you have been drinking”. In the next few weeks activities in Sofia’s key clubs and bars will take place and a communication campaign will start under this motto. Tens of parking places will be marked with the campaign’s key message.
The campaign is organized with the support of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium –Her Excellency Anick Van Calster. Traditionally Kamenitza closely cooperates with leading state institutions and NGO’s working in this field – The Ministry of Interior, the Bulgarian State & Public Commission on Road Safety, the Union of Bulgarian Automobilists, the Bulgarian Association of Road Accident Victims, the Executive Agency "Automobile Administration" and the Bulgarian Red Cross.
The Secretary of the Bulgarian State & Public Commission on Road Safety, Aleksi Kesyakov, made the following statement: „Campaigns like “Alcohol is a Bad Driver” are a battle for human lives, as what we have on the road is a true war. I sincerely welcome that sort of campaigns as they remind us once and again that our capabilities are not limitless, that we are simply human and very often our reactions at crucial moments are much different from what we imagine they would be. This is exactly the reason why such campaigns aim at saving the most precious of all given blessings – human life”.

„I sincerely hope that together with Kamenitza AD and all our partners we will reach the goals of the socially responsible campaign “Alcohol is Bad Driver”. In the current year we focus on young drivers, who according to available statistics, had lost 52 lives in the course of the nine months of the year, and there have been 675 injured children and grownups in 484 road accidents.
“I sincerely hope that we will be able to address as many young drivers as possible and help them understand the risks they may cause to themselves and to others if they do not abide by the rules of safe driving from the very start of their experience behind the wheel”, said Maria Boteva, inspector at the Road Traffic Department of the National Police General Directorate of the Ministry of Interior.

Kamenitza AD continues its joint initiative with the Bulgarian Red Cross as a part of its socially responsible campaign “Alcohol is a Bad Driver”. It was in 2013 when Kamenitza AD firstly gave away 12 pairs of alcohol goggles simulating a higher level of alcohol in the blood of drivers. These goggles have become an inseparable part of first-aid courses in Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas for beginner drivers. This year the company gave away 25 pairs of goggles and this initiative will continue. Until the end of the year, for every can of beer sold, the company will set aside 0.10 lev and the collected money will be invested in purchasing new alcohol goggles.

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