Kamenitza Staro pivo– a history in a beer bottle

On the occasion of its 135th birthday, the first Bulgarian beer launches a special new product 30 march 2016г, Sofia During a special event last evening the appearance of the newest beer on the Bulgarian market – Kamenitza Staro pivo has been announced. The special product is created in honor of the 135th anniversary of the leader among the brewers and is presented in a replica of a real bottle from the begining of the last century. Ivaylo Ankov, Marketing and commercial excellence director of Kamenitza AD opened the event with the following words: “When the first Bulgarian beer is celebrating its 135th anniversary what better way there is to go back in time and give our consumers a real historical experience. As usual we do our best to satisfy the users by delivering products that comply with their needs and desires. We believe that Kamenitza Staro pivo is indeed such kind of product – new and different, bringing a breath of air from the past, and last but not least – presented in a beautiful and unique bottle. Is it even possible not to like it?” – he added with a smile on his face. “The jubilee Kamenitza Staro pivo carries the signature of generations of brewers. It was created completely in the spirit of the Bulgarian brewing traditions from 1881. The volume of the bottle is 400 ml and it has no label, as it comes from the past when the beer itself used to be a label. The “Property of Kamenitza Plovdiv Brewery” engraving in the typical for that time old style alphabet is placed at the front side of the bottle. The 100 % malt content guarantees the distinctive, first –class taste. The liquid has a rich golden color, and the combination of three types of hops is the basis for the unique, rich taste of the brew”, shared Vasil Petrov, the brewery technologist. During the event the guests managed to completely step into the recreated atmosphere from the end of the XIX century, thanks to the authentic interior of the popular Sofia restaurant “Zhadnata Lamia”. The old-time spirit was enhanced by the specially produced decors and by the presence of two beautiful ladies and a gentleman dressed in clothes typical for the Bulgarian National revival Period. All Bulgarian beer connoisseurs will have the opportunity to try the Staro pivo in the beginning of April. The product will be launched in limited quantities. In connection with the celebration of the 135th anniversary, Kamenitza is preparing a lot more initiatives and the new TV ad of Staro pivo is already on air.
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