Our business priorities

Being part of the big international family of Molson Coors Brewing Company, we in Kamenitza AD aim high. Everything we do is a result of our desire to develop and transform the brewing industry in Bulgaria on a large scale. In order to achieve it, we know we have to:

We fuel growth through highly competitive operations

Our motto is –“Use less, invest wisely, earn more”. We apply this rule when launching our successful brand and product innovations, when we invest in the optimization of the production capacities and in the daily management of our business. We aim at achieving operations productivity and keep high standards so that we could manage our business effectively.

We build and develop exceptional brands

We are proud of our exceptionally rich portfolio where with dignity our iconic Bulgarian brands take place as well as the international brands, favorite to the beer lovers around the world. We believe that if we want to reach the hearts of beer experts we need to create, build and develop exceptional brands. This is why we stay focused on our key brands; we develop premium and craft beers and aim at reaching the widest range of tastes and preferences possible.

We delight our customers and partners

We believe success can only be reached with the help of our business partners. This is why we work hard on delivering the high quality of our products and services to them. We work on building sustainable partnerships achieved through brilliant execution and perfect customer service.

Attract, retain and develop talented people

We know that the real treasure of every company are the people who work in it. We believe that in order to be successful we need to develop our exceptional talents and their skills in a global environment so that we could inspire them living our values. This is why we invest time and effort in the individual career development plans, in trainings for talent development and leadership skills. We provide safe and favorable working conditions and we encourage commitment to our values. We do all of this believing in personal responsibility and in setting measurable objectives.


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